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Technical FAQ
1.1 I have a webform with controls and two buttons. When using validation controls, how do I prevent one button from validating the form it's in?
Set the button's CausesValidation property to False
1.2 When you have a read only textbox in a webform and set it's value at client side, it's value is not updated(old value remains in the view state) in post back at server side.
This is a drawback in asp.net, but.. keep reading. Create a hidden control in the page, in the client-side place or function wherever you set the value for textbox, also set the same value for hidden control and retrieve at post back on server side like Button_OnClick event, where you want to retrieve textbox value.
1.3 I have many textbox in a webform, but i want to block user from entering any special characters, how to achieve it javascript?
Include the attribute onkeypress="return BlockSplChars(event)" event in textbox and then copy the following javascript function inside head section in your page.
Note: If your control is server control, then in the page_load event handler at code-behind add
Textbox.Attributes.Add("onkeypress","return BlockSplChars(event)")

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1.4 How do upload/download files through FTP in .NET ?
Download any version of below classes and include in your project. There are two constructors in these classes, if you use the first constructor, open and edit the class file variables for ftp address, ftp folder name ("." for root folder), username, password, port (21 by default) or,a if you use the second contructor, pass the above said variables as parameters.

Download FTP class in VB.Net
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Download FTP class in C#.Net
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Create the instance of this class in your code by specifying constructor to use.
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